10 Ways to Include the Mother of the Bride in the Wedding Planning and

10 Ways to Include the Mother of the Bride in the Wedding Planning and Ceremony

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we wanted to share some handy tips on how to include the mother of the bride (or groom) in the wedding planning and wedding ceremony. Don't forget to get mom the mother of the bride tank top

10 Ways to Include the Mother of the Bride in Wedding Planning:

1. Mother-Daughter Dance at the Wedding: We all know about the traditional Father-Daughter dance at the wedding reception, but what about honoring the bride's relationship with her mother by playing a special song for her and dancing together? Check out this list for 20 sweet mother-daughter dance songs

2. Play Your Mother's Wedding Song: Speaking of special songs, why not play your parents' wedding song at the wedding as a way to pay tribute to your mother as a bride? 

3. Use Her Cake Topper: Don't shell out money for a cake topper when you can honor your mama by using hers! If you don't want to use it on the cake, maybe have it on display at the reception. 

4. Prep for the Big Day Together: Getting ready the morning of the wedding with your best girls and wedding party? Snag your mama a Mother of the Bride Hoodie and include her in the fun too! 

5. Include Her Recipe: Does your mom have a fantastic recipe she's known for? Include it on the wedding menu!

6. Recreate a Photo: What a sweet idea! Recreate a special photo of your mom in her wedding dress in YOUR wedding dress!

7. Something Borrowed: Ask her for something special of hers as your something borrowed. 

8. Speech: Ask your mom to give a speech at the wedding reception, she will be so touched!

9. Hand Off Your Bouquet: Instead of handing your bridal bouquet to your maid of honor as you walk down the aisle, hand it to your mama! She will be so honored and it is a nice way to honor your relationship.

10. Walk Down the Aisle With Her: And finally, the most important - include your mother in your wedding by having her walk you down the aisle - what a special moment you will always remember!

We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! 💞

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