5 Alternatives to the Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party
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5 Alternatives to the Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party

A Bachelorette party tradition is getting the bride into a mush trouble as you can it is her last fling before the ring! Not all Brides want to have strippers and have drunken nights around the town dancing with every sweating guy gawking at the group of girls. We have found some great alternatives to the wild and crazy bachelorette parties so that you can keep your bride low key and rested for her big day!

1. Slumber Bachelorette Party

5 Alternatives to the Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party

Getting cozy and hanging with your girls can be a fun night filled with Instagram worthy selfies, laughter and tears. Cuddle up in matching personalized robes, host a sundae bar and watch your favorite chick flick. A quick game of twister with the girls would provide plenty of entertainment. You can also try out your signature wedding drink and make sure it's a hit at your slumber bachelorette party before the big day. Wake up to coffee and conversations. Have your Maid of Honor put together a breakfast brunch with pancakes, fruit, eggs & mimosas.

2. Flamingo Pool Bachelorette Party

5 Alternatives to the Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party Flamingo Pool PartyBathing suits, sunscreen, music and flaming floating cocktails! How delish does that sound? A day filled with all of your besties. Grab your favorite speaker and listen to this Bachelorette Party Playlist.Stock your pool party with an assortment of hydrating drinks along with great mixers so your guests can create the perfect cocktail. Get some great conversation with your gal pals as you and your wedding party work on their wedding day tans.

3. Hot Air Balloon Bachelorette Party

Champagne is always a good idea. Grab a few bottles of the bubbly and take the bride to be on a hot air balloon ride. You can grab a dozen of your closest girlies and sail away into the clouds. You can make a day of it and do a brunch before the ride. Have a few cocktails with the bachelorette party and do a few Snapchats with the group.

4. Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Grab your favorite dress and cute hat and head for a day in the vineyards sipping on reds, whites, and bubbly. Find a great place that has small plates so you can pair some grapes, cheese, and crackers with your wine. Have the Maid of Honor make a toast to the bride and give her some well wishes or advice on marriage. Bring a few Bachelorette party games that you can play while sipping your bubbly.

5. Weekend Bachelorette Party Getaway

5 Alternatives to the Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party Getaway

Pack a weekend bag and head out of town for your weekend bachelorette party getaway. Have all your girls pitch in and rent a small house with a pool. Plan a day at the spa and get a day of rest and relaxation in with your girls. Try a foot massage, plan a food menu, grab some pool toys and decorate the place. Create fun and unique ways to celebrate the bride at her weekend bachelorette party weekend.

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