5 Best Places to find us

5 Best Places to find us

5 Best Places to find us

Hello is it me your looking for?  Arenlace Bridal Boutique has grown quite a bit since we have opened back in 2012.  We would love to share with you the five best placed to find us! 


Arenlace on shopify

One of the Best places to find us is right here on Shopify!  We launched our shopify site so that we would have a larger reach to help brides with their wedding planning.  Here on Shopify we at Arenlace Bridal Boutiqe send out monthly Blog posts. These blog posts help give insight on wedding planning ideas, Bridal inspiration as well as help you navigate marriage so that both you and your spouse have a happy life. 


Arenlace on etsy

 The second best place to find us is over on Etsy!  This is where we started our adventure back in 2012.  Etsy is a great venue to reach thousands of brides getting married.  We have shipped out over 5,000 orders to brides!  We do alot of our personalized work here so if your looking for a personalized robe or something special come check us out here


Arenlace on The Knot Weddings

Another great place to find us is on The Knot.  We just joined The Knot in 2017 and have already gained alot of exposure!  We have won the 2018 The Knot best of weddings.  They have been such a great addition to our brand.  We just love being teamed up with them and honored to be one of their favs!! 


Arenlace On Emmaline bride

 One of the best places to find us is on Emmaline Bride!  We have been partners with them since 2015.  We love to do giveaways with them so that we can give back to brides that are on a budget.  We love that they are such a big supporter of the Handmade community and provide a place for us to showcase our items. 



Arenlace on Snapchat

 The final place to find us is on Snapchat!  We post about our behind the scenes and stuff we do as husband and wife.  Its really basically our personal life that we would love to share with you.  Stop by and check us out!!


Here are just a few of the places that you can hang with us!  We would love for you to join us and check out the different items and options we offer for brides and wives. 

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