5 alternative ways to announce your engagement

5 alternative ways to announce your engagement


5 slternative ways to announce your engagement

Your engaged, Congratulations! I know you must have tons of butterflies in your stomach and every time you think of your life changing you get all teary- eyed.  We know that this is all new to you so we have put together a list of the perfect ways to announce your engagement to family and friends.

miss to mrs

1. Social Media Post

The most popular thing to do these days once you get engaged is to get a manicure and take a ring selfie.  Posting your newly engaged status on facebook, instagram or even twitter might be a great choice for you.  There are coffee mugs out there with saying such as Miss to Mrs or Does this ring make me look engaged that you can use in your selfie picture to announce your engagement. 



2.Throw a Get-together

Gathering friends can always be fun and a great time to play catch up in the lives of the people that you surround yourself with.  Set up a date to have all of your friends over for an I do BBQ.  Grab some drinks and food and share a few laughs and memories with the people you love most.  This makes it a great time to announce your engagement while having a great time and celebrating the new life the two of you will be creating together.

The Knot

3. Engagement Reveal Party

Another great way to announce your engagement is to have a reveal party and put a diamond ring in the center of a cake.  Have a family member or the flower girl to be cut the cake to reveal the secret that the two of you are holding would be amazing! Have a friend or a local baker create the cake for the party so all you have to do is show up and surprise your guests.

4. Newspaper Article

If you are in to art deco and love the idea of a vintage newspaper layout you are in luck!  The daily proposal paper is a newspaper that is filled ith details on the couple such as ho they met and their love story.  You can send this to your family and friends via snail mail or via email.  

The Knot   

 5. Have the kids announce your engagement

Couples these days often have families that they will be blending and that could look very different for each family.  A great way to unite both sides of the bride to be and groom to be is to have them announce your engagement for you.  You could do this at a dinner party, engagement pictures or even just at a family gathering.  This is a great way to get the new siblings on team Bride and Groom to start thinking and acting as a united family and help announce your engagement. 



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