5 Ways to Make your Honeymoon Memorable

5 Ways to Make your Honeymoon Memorable

5 Ways to Make your Honeymoon Memorable

Getting married is just the beginning of your new life as a couple. But why not kick off the rest of your tomorrows with a memorable and exciting honeymoon? Here are five ways to make your honeymoon memorable.

1. Learn a language together for your destination honeymoon.

If you’re like us, you love to parle français, but no matter where you end up going, think about it... how fabulous would a Paris, Venice, or Santorini honeymoon be where you could immerse yourself in the local culture without translation books or fumbling with smartphone apps?  If you’re going anywhere out of the states for your honeymoon, free language learning programs like Duolingo.com are available right in the palm of your hand. An investment of 5-10 minutes a day six months before your big day can make any language your language of love for the rest of your life.

2. Wear a new set of lingerie every night.

Start a secret collection of enticing outfits that you reveal to your sweety every romantic night of your time together. As your special day approaches, slowly pick up different colors and styles for every night to drive the love of your life wild! Online shopping is fun with sites like Adore Me, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Victoria’s Secret, but be sure to wrap your enticing surprise in one of our comfy custom bridal robes. And have fun with the reveal. How many ways can you take off that robe? Only you know for sure, honey. 

3. Honeymoon Video

Most destination resorts have some kind of honeymoon video package where a videographer will show up at your scheduled activities and get nice shots of you and your new Mr. doing all sorts of things from parasailing, to rock climbing. But what about the moments no videographer can capture? What about those small, special moments driving to dinner, walking on the beach, or sitting on the balcony of your room? Since most smartphones can capture high-resolution video, make sure to take several 15-45 second clips of those wonderful, personal moments, and edit it all together yourself with free editing software like Lightworks or Hitfilm express. Or pay a small fee and a professional editor can piece the clips together for you so you can share those beautiful moments with all your friends on social media!  

4. Pack a scented oil massage kit.

Resort scheduled couples massages are great. But what’s even better is lighting a few candles in your room and breaking out an assortment of beautifully scented massage oils from Kama Sutra Oil Therapy. You and your sweetheart can rub each other down and work out all of the tension of your busy days. With scents like rose garden, vanilla, and sweet almond, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and forget that anyone else exists besides you and your special love.  

5. Learn a dance together...in secret.

There’s almost nothing more romantic than a newlywed couple dancing the tango. Imagine the reaction as you and your lover reveal your sweet moves at your wedding reception, especially if nobody knows that you two have been spending a couple nights a week learning the dance of love. Carry that dance into your honeymoon where all the couples on the dance floor at your destination will remark at how gracefully you move together. Some might dismiss the impassioned synchronicity as a newlywed phase, but you both know you will always make time to dance with each other because this dance you learned together is now a part of your lives together.  

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