You need Wedding Favors!!!

You need Wedding Favors!!!

Whenever you start planning a wedding you start to think of all the things that you need to do and spend money on. Whether you have thought about it or not, you need to get favors for your wedding. Typically people start to think about this 4-5 months out from their wedding date. You need to have enough time for these items to arrive, especially if they are custom orders.

We are so happy to feature forposhsake. They have beautiful wedding favors, or bridal favors. You can get as many as you need and get them customized. They are very friendly and customer oriented. They respond REALLY quick to emails, too. So that is a huge plus for any bride! ;)

  • Mrs. Gold Flutes.

These are so simple and elegant. They are kinda of perfect, and modern, for any wedding!


  • Sand Spike Mr. and Mrs.

I love how colorful these really are! They are practical too.

  • Bev2go Groomsman

This is perfect for your groomsmen, but can also be perfect for the fathers!!

  • Premium NEOPREME Custom Koozie State

Coozies are perfect since the weather is getting nicer! You will need one of these to keep your drinks cool. These are perfect and adorable for wedding favors, seriously.

  • Monogrammed Napkin Ring

This is my PERSONAL favorite. I am so in love with it.

There are so many options on their website, you can take a look around for yourself. Get something that fits your personality and wedding. If you need help or have questions just send them an email and they will gladly assist you!

Happy Favor Shopping XOXO.





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