Celebrating 6 Years in Business! | Arenlace Bridal Boutique

Celebrating 6 Years in Business!

Michael Coto | Creator of Arenlace Bridal Boutique

Hi Friends! It's Me, Michelle Coto! I'm the founder + creator for Arenlace Bridal Boutique. If you're new here, we would like to tell you a little about us 🙋!

We are an online bridal boutique that specializes in hoodies, tank tops, shirts, robes, and accessories. We cater to brides, wives, besties, birthday girls and more! Celebrating all the good things in Life! 🍾

We design and curate everything in our shop that is located in Oceanside, CA. 🌊 Throughout the years our Brides have helped inspire, grow and design some of our favorite pieces today.

In 2012, I took a bridal robe concept that was designed for me for my wedding day and recreated it. I opened an Etsy account and started selling the custom, handmade personalized robes. Little did I know that that idea would turn into a real full force bridal business! 🎉

Since we opened our doors we have:

 launched our own website 
 done multiple product photo shoots 📸
 collaborated with 100's of vendors.📞
 Been featured in many blogs, magazines & press 📰
 Surpassed over 6,000 orders through our Etsy and Shopify store.💳
 Participated in LA & Paris fashion week.👰

We have put our all into this little company with our blood, sweat, and tears and are truly Thankful to all the brides, wives and babes who have supported our small business. We welcome all of our new friends and are excited to be a part of your fairytale!! 👭👭👭👭


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