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5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife

5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife

We have been together for about 11 years and this year will be our 8th wedding anniversary.  I really enjoy this thing called Marriage and its amazing to do life with someone who is your Best friend, lover and confidant. We have been navigating our marriage and how we find happiness and have learned 5 ways to keep your Matrimonial Grass Green. We are a bit silly, crazy and love the idea of being in love. I wanted to share with you what our love life looks like in the Coto Household with these 5 fun facts about us as husband and wife! 




5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife - Picture of us



Before we tied The Knot, I had a group of friends that I would hang out with for happy hour, dancing and trips to Vegas.  This one particular Friday night we all decided to meet up at Fridays for happy hour.  A few drinks in and feeling good I saw this guy come in with a friend of mine that I had never seen before.  We followed the drinks up with dancing and more drinks.  On the dance floor the new guy and I made our way to each other and bumped lips!  Well we pretty much kissed on the first day we met.  The funny thing is that well into our dating life we never wanted to admit that that ever happened  It must have been the Alcohol... AL-CohoL you later. We joke about it now as Husband and Wife.



5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife - Us in Boston



A fun fact about us as Husband and Wife is that our favorite thing to do is travel.  Since being together we have traveled to about 1/3 of the US and a few Countries.  We went to Jamaica on our Honeymoon and it was so delish.  When we were dating we did a 3 city tour, hitting 3 different states. We went to Chicago, Miami and New York all in 10 days!!   You would not believe what happened!  As soon as we got off the first flight and into our cab the Husband looses his wallet.  We had no credit cards and no money.  The fun part was that we we got to go through security at the airport in New York on the anniversary of 9/11.  I think hes on a list somewhere. 



5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife - Us in San Fransisco



A few of my favorite fun facts about us our love as husband and wife is that he has an old fashion soul.  He still opens the car door for me to get into the car.  I love that about him, I think it's so sweet. Every morning he smothers me with kisses.  I love to send my husband to work with a hot breakfast meal, snacks and lunch.  We have nick names for each other, my favorite is he calls me Pretty. 



5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife - Us at the beach



As Husband and Wife we love to spend our down time at the beach.  We live less than 5 miles from the beach and can see the ocean from our living and bed room.  When ever we go to the beach we look for heart rocks.  I have a collection of them and have them throughout our home.



5 Fun Facts About Us As Husband and Wife - Batman Skimask



My Final fun Fact about us as Husband and Wife is that we are opposites but these opposites attract. He loves Heavy Metal, I call it devil music.  He comes from a small family, I come from a large family.  He loves quiet,  I say were not at the library.  He hates olives, doesn't care for pickles or onions but I say more for me. We are two peas in a pod and I love doing life with my Husband, he makes me on happy wife! 
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