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Get to Know Your Customers Day


In Honor of Get To Know Your Customers Day, which is tomorrow, July 19th, I would love to know where you're from and maybe a little bit on how you're doing. 

I've had so many great women and men alike shop for their special day on our site. I've heard bachelorette stories and stayed up late making your handmade gifts so that your bachelorette party gets rave reviews from the bride. Your wedding planning adventures make me remember mine fondly. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to be on this journey with you, and most importantly, your support of our small business. 

So tell me a little about yourself in the comments or just share where you're from. I'd love to hear what happened after your wedding or that birthday bae bash. Do you wear your slouchy Engaged shirt around the house even though you've been a Mrs. for a while now? Or maybe you drink coffee every day from your Miss to Mrs mug? I'm so curious!  

If you're new to Arenlace, look around the site and read a few of our blogs. Join our community of women and friends on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to know your story, too! (Plus, if you take pictures on your fun adventures, I always take the time to repost.) 

To thank you all, Arenlace is having a sitewide sale tomorrow. Just use the code "July 19th" tomorrow, and you'll get 15% off everything. As always, there's no code required for Free Shipping off domestic orders over $50. 

♥ Michelle

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  • I’m from San Marcos, California! You made my husband a shirt for Father’s Day. He still wears it, and it still looks great. <3


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