The Top 8 Wedding Duties You Can Assign Your Flower Girl

The Top 8 Wedding Duties You Can Assign Your Flower Girl

Flower Girl Duties

Do you have duties for your flower girl? A flower girl plays a special role in your life. Here are the top 8 special duties to make your flower girl feel extra special.

Flower Girl Duties at Your Engagement Party

Duties you can assign your flower girl
  • Greet guests when they arrive and welcome them to the party.
  • Collect the engagement party gifts and put them on the table.
Flower girls make the most amazing welcoming party. Have her greet your guests in a cute outfit. Check out these cute flower girl outfits options. Your flower girl can take the gifts from your guests and place them on the gift table.

It’s important for her parents to let her independently socialize among guest and make introductions at your shower. She is so adorable and sweet that she’ll have people talking to one another in no time. She'll also get a boost of confidence because she'll look and feel very special.

Flower Girl Duties at Your Bridal Shower

  • Answer the door when guests arrive and welcome them to the party.
  • Pass out bridal shower games.
  • Assist with passing the gifts to the bride.
The bridal shower can be a mix of strangers, friends, and family that don’t know one another. One of the most important duties for the flower girl is to get all of the people to mingle.

Assign to your flower girl to answer the door when guests arrive and welcome them to your party. She can pass out games at your bridal shower.

Your flower girl duties can also include assisting your maid of honor with the gifts. Have her hand each gift to the Bride while the Maid of Honor writes down each gift and who it's from.

Flower Girl Duties while Dress Shopping

Flower Girl Duties
  • Pass out drinks and snacks to the wedding party.
She’s the one who will introduce the bride coming down the aisle, so it’s important for her to spread joy, smiles, and laughter through the wedding party. Bring her along while you shop for your dress. Have her pass out drinks and or snacks to your wedding party in between dress changes.

Flower Girl duties on the Big Day

  • Entertain the kid's in the kids corner.
  • Get the dance floor hopping.
The biggest duty is for your flower girl to be absolutely adorable. Your wedding should be full of joy, and the innocence of children brings people together. The flower girl will put a sweet smile on all of your guest’s faces, and signal that you are about to walk down the aisle in all your beautiful splendor! She will also need a beautiful flower girl basket.

Here's a great D.I.Y Flower Girl Basket you can make for her.

The flower girl will likely be the life of your reception when everyone needs a break or is hesitant to hit the dance floor. Ask the DJ to play a modern song she loves to get everyone on the dance floor. Most guests can’t resist the young ones, and dance with them!

Get all the kiddos together and have her be in charge of their entertainment. Put together some snacks and activities and disposable cameras for the kids to use while at your wedding.

Here's an adorable Flower Girl coloring book.

The flower girl will, no doubt, have one amazing personality and bring laughter, smiles, and joy to your attendees. These flower girl duties are sure to keep her involved and feel just as special as the bride to be.



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