Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Weddidng coordinator vs. venue coordinator

Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Arenlace Events - San Diego Wedding Planning and Coordination

Hey Beautiful Bride!  We know that planning your wedding can be the most exciting yet stressful day of your life and full of uncertainties on how to start. We at Arenlace Events want to educate you so that you can start planning your wedding with confidence. We want to relieve some of your wedding day stress by guiding you so that you feel confident in making your wedding planning decisions.

Your venue is one of the first things you most likely book after you nail down your wedding date.  Some venues offer a Venue Coordinator as part of their package.

They may tell you that they can handle things on your wedding day and it's true, but it will be only within a limited scope.

Arenlace Events wants you to know what the difference is between a Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator.  Although, they do sound pretty similar there are some major differences. A Venue Coordinator will take care of anything pertaining to the venue while a Wedding Coordinator will take care of anything pertaining to your wedding.


Venue Coordinator

Venue coordinator is there to handle anything that relates to the venue. They'll will act as a liaison between you and the venue's operations team.  When booking your venue they might include tables, chairs, linens, food, outdoor heaters and bar.  The Venue coordinator is in charge of making sure there are enough seats and tables for your guests. 

If the venue is serving food they will make sure they have enough food for each guest and manage the kitchen and wait staff.  They will coordinate on site services such as valet parking, coat check in or process final invoices. The Venue Coordinator will not manage any of your vendors so if your vendor is running late or mixed your date up, you will be the one putting out that fire.  The Venue Coordinator does not stay for the entire wedding reception and normally leaves right after cake cutting.  

Wedding Pro Real Talk:  I have had many brides think that the Venue Coordinator will handle all of the wedding and personal details.  In my experience, Venue Coordinators are not obligated to put any of your decor out. To be completely honest I have had a few Venue Coordinators say to me that its too much work, complain and literally not do it.  Thankfully I was there to handle all of the brides requests. 

I have had brides tell me decor at the ceremony and reception was not done. They have told me favors were not put out and guest book was not moved. When this happens the wedding party or close family members are left decorating last minute and having to leave their getting ready appointment to decorate for the wedding within hours of it starting. Brides don't let family or the wedding party decorate on their wedding day. 

Brides dont let family decorate


Wedding Coordinator 

Wedding Coordinator is the person that will coordinate all of your wishes and wedding details.  At Arenlace Events, our Day of Coordination package starts out by talking about all of your wedding details in our Free 1 hr. Consultation.  Here is where we talk about vision and what you want on your big day.

Once your wedding is booked we immediately get started!  We start by reviewing your venue and vendor contracts.  This allows us to get familiar with all your wedding details such as venue rules, coverage times and package details. We also include vendor coordination, wedding day timeline, load in and load out instructions.

Wedding pro real talk: We had a bride not know before contract review that her photographer was to start covering the wedding at Ceremony.  We let her know and she had to  pay to add additional time to her contract and almost lost her precious getting ready pictures. 

Arenlace Events Day of Wedding Coordination also includes setting up & take down of all decor.  This may be the decor at the Ceremony, Cocktail hour and reception site such as signage, linens, drapery, lighting, sweetheart, dessert, memory & guests tables. We handle all the styling of your personal decor at the wedding. We also include free of charge our dessert bar platters and decor to make your dessert bar stunning for your photos. 

Arenlace Events wants to know every detail about your wedding so that we can take your wedding day stress away.  In our Day of Coordination package we include a 2 hour Wedding Planning meeting where we discuss everything that will happen on your wedding day.  We go over timeline details, wedding party, wedding playlist, guest count, special requests & tasks that need to be completed. 

where happily ever after begins

Finally, As your wedding day approaches we are all yours 1 month before the wedding so that we can do weekly check-ins, wrap up final details, and contact all vendors to let them know its go time!  We handle and attend your 1 hour wedding rehearsal. We get the wedding party down the aisle and make sure they are feeling clear and confident with their role. 

Wedding Pro Real Talk:  We have seen vendors get the wedding date mixed up and almost miss the wedding.  We make sure that we are calling 3-5 days before your wedding to make sure we have your wedding day correct.  This gives us the assurance that all the players will be there wedding day ready! 

Wedding Day Bliss is when you show up to your wedding day knowing that Arenlace Events has all of your details and are ready for hitch free wedding day execution.  Let us get you down the aisle & to your reception with out ever having to stress or think of any details being left out. We coordinate it all from getting your down the aisle, managing guest experience, to your grand exit as you celebrate and start the happiest day of your life!

Oh and P.S. We will not leave until the last guest is out the door and everything is as we found it.

Wedding pro real talk:  I hope this helps you see the differences between a Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator.  Its really like having your wedding bff by your side allowing you to feel confident in knowing that every dream, unique touch and detail you envisioned will be done and your wedding with be full of dreams.

 Let Arenlace Events take your stress away and let your happily ever after begin!  Book your Free 1 hr. Consultation with us today!





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