10 Ways to Honor Your Maid of Honor
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10 Ways to Honor Your Maid of Honor

10 Ways to Honor Your Maid of Honor

You asked the most awesome woman in your life to be your Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor) because she’s always been there for you. Here are ten ways to honor that love and friendship through the planning stages and through the wedding day. 

Give Her Bold Options

Give your awesome Maid of Honor some color swatches to choose from, and pick a dress color that suits both you and her wishes. You’ll honor her by letting her be involved in this big decision.

Throw The Ladies a Lunch

If your bridesmaids don’t really know one another, it’s great to have a lunch so your Maid of Honor will know who she’s contacting when planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Check out this How to be a Maid of Honor video.

Give Her One Special Look

Your Maid of Honor should stand out from the bridesmaids even just a little, so don’t be afraid to give her a different style dress or shade of color in your color palette.

Gift Her a Hairdo

If you are planning on asking your Maid of Honor and the bridal party to go all out with crazy intricate updo’s or hair styles - think about paying for them! Besides your Maid of Honor costs will add up when she's planning your wedding.

Gift Her Something Extraordinary

Personal gifts will make your Maid of Honor feel super special, so don’t be afraid to gift her something just for her when the other girls aren’t around.

Include Her In Your Speech

The sincerest way to honor your Maid of Honor is to include her in your thank you toast and to share some sweet sentiments about your friendship. Check out some great speeches in our last blog post ... Top 5 Maid of Honor Duties.

Invest in Her Beauty

If Maid of Honor is wearing heels and your wedding is outdoors, a great idea is to include heel stoppers with her outfit. Pedicures can also be a sweet treat and a great way to get in some Bridal planning girl time.

Bridal Suite Brunch

Celebrate your Maid of Honor with a little bestie time before the wedding. She’s going to be running around like crazy for you, so why not have a little champagne brunch to loosen you both up.

Warn Her of Potential Creepers

If she doesn’t know the Groomsmen give her a heads up about players, creepers and potential stage five clingers! She may not be on the lookout for a man in her life, but she should know a little about the other half of the bridal party, anyway!

Give Her Some BFF

Time Your wedding day is going to be crazy. Don’t be afraid to make time for special moments – just the two of you, your Maid of Honor and you – to cherish on your big day!

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