Top 5 Maid of Honor Duties

Top 5 Maid of Honor Duties

Bridal Shower Duties

As the Maid of Honor, your duty is to help the Bride's family plan the shower and organize the event. Team up Maid of Honor + Flower Girl and greet her lovely guests. Check out Top 5 wedding duties you can assign your Flower Girl.

The Maid of Honor collects the gifts and sets them on the designated gift table. Be sure to have your pen and paper ready when the Bride opens gifts so that you can record all of the gifts that she receives. Then make sure the bride is having an amazing time!

Be her right-hand gal. The Maid of Honor will also assist the Bride in filling out Thank you cards and see that they get mailed off.

Maid of Honor Duties

Bachelorette Party

The Maid of Honor is ultimately tasked with being the best party planner ever! Don’t plan the kind of party you want, give your girl something that is just for her! Include the other bridesmaids and give everyone a sweet duty for the big weekend or night out, that way everyone in the bridal party feels included. Check out our Bachelorette party ideas here.

Wedding Day Assistance

  • The Maid of Honor is the main contact for the photographer.
  • The Maid of Honor may be tasked with paying the officiant, caterer or photographer.
  • She will also be in charge of organizing the Bride and Groom’s big send off with guests.
  • The Maid of Honor holds the Bride’s bouquet after she gets to the altar until she walks down back down the aisle with her husband.
  • The Maid of Honor is to hold her dress while she pees, attend to makeup touch-ups and keep the Bride hydrated.
  • The Maid of Honor must keep the party going and be in constant communication with the DJ.

Maid of Honor Speech

As the Maid of Honor, you will need to give one amazing speech on behalf of the bride and one that is directed toward the couple and their ultimate happiness. Weave a sweet childhood, college or inside joke in. Something that is just “you two”. That way it’s super personal. Speeches should ultimately focus on the bride and her future! We have a few great speeches to share with you.

  • Who doesn't love Will Smith and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?? Here's a great remix Maid of Honor speech.

Maid of Honor Survival Guide

Maid of Honor DutiesMaid of Honor, you are the responsible one. You’ll need to remember:

  • Maid of Honor has to attend the rehearsal and all events related to the wedding.
  • On the day of the wedding be responsible for your own gown and accessories and making sure all the other bridesmaids have what they need.
  • You’ll be the personal assistant to the bride. You should help with phone calls, run errands, anything that is needed leading up to and on the big day.
  • Be the Best Friend/Maid of Honor a Bride can ask for by making her day stress free and memorable.


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