10 Ways to Include the Father of the Bride in the Wedding Planning and

10 Ways to Include the Father of the Bride in the Wedding Planning and Ceremony

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It seems like we just celebrated all the beautiful mothers in our lives, and now Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. While the Mother-of-the-Bride is included in many of the planning activities, like dress shopping and picking flowers, there are still plenty of ways we can include the fathers, stepfathers, and honorary fathers on that special day! Here are 10 ways to include your dad in wedding planning:
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1. Wedding Planning. Not all fathers sit on the sidelines while the brides, grooms, and mother-of-the-bride make all the plans. Some papas enjoy joining the hunt for the perfect site, the best flowers, and taste-testing the wedding cake, of course! Gear up that special dad with a Father of the Bride Shirt and put him to work.

2. Keeper of Lists. If your father has always seemed to keep track of everything, ask him to be the keeper of lists -- especially if you are planning your wedding yourself. Put him in charge of keeping track of your vendors, the guest list, your registry, or have him be the keeper of the day-of checklist.

3. Bartender. Ask your dad to put together a special drink list to be served at your wedding and encourage him to give each drink a name related to your wedding. Who wouldn’t drink a Happily Ever After Margarita?

4. The Bridal Procession. A father walking his daughter down the aisle is perhaps the most traditional role a father plays in the wedding. As we saw during the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince Charles stepped in to walk Meghan down the aisle when her father was too ill to make the trip to England. It’s a huge role. What better way to include dad in the wedding than to have him help pick out the bridal procession music.

5. Father-Daughter Dance at the Wedding. Like the walk down the aisle, the father-daughter dance at the wedding is a special moment between the bride and her dad. Ask him to practice a special dance with you or surprise him with his favorite dance tune! And if you have a stepfather in your life, it would be touching to ask him to lead you in a father-daughter dance, too.

6. Something Borrowed. Put a twist on asking for something borrowed by asking your dad to lend something to your groom and build the bond between these two special men in your life.

7. Wedding Officiant. Imagine the surprise when your father walks you down the aisle and then takes his place as your officiant! It’s fairly simple to be registered as an officiant. Another option is to ask the father of the groom or your stepfather to act as your officiant as your father walks you down the aisle. It’s a touching gesture that you and your groom will remember forever.

8. Reception Speech. While the father of the groom usually speaks at the rehearsal dinner, ask your dad to give a speech at the wedding reception. He will be so touched! Better yet, sit with him and help him craft the message. Writing it together will be sure to add another stop to your shared memory lane.

9. Custom Groomsmen Wear for Dad. There is no consensus on having the father of the bride/groom match the groomsmen. It would be a great touch to give the father of the bride and groom matching boutonnieres and other items like matching socks or even a pocket square to match the groomsmen.

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10. Custom Wedding Photo Album. There are several traditional photos taken at the wedding. The list is daunting. Ask your wedding photographer to capture candids of just your father, your father and mother, and your father and you. Your dad will be thrilled to receive a customized photo album of your special day.


  • That’s a great suggestion. I have seen a few those. Thanks, Justin!

    Vanessa Hahn
  • 11. Arrange a first-look for father and daughter once she is dressed and make up.

    Justin Hulse

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