5 tips to help you choose the right Wedding Party

5 tips to help you choose the right Wedding Party

5 tips to help you choose the right Wedding Party

5 tip to choose the right wedding party arenlace.com

Choosing your Wedding Party is a big decision that will be a part of your and your future spouses  new life together.  We have put together a few tips for you and your Fiance to help make the process a lot easier and to help narrow down the right candidates for your Wedding party. 

1.  Best Man & Maid of Honor

If you have sisters or brothers these would be the ideal candidates to ask to be in your wedding party because family will always be a part of the new life the two of you are creating.  Choosing them to be in your Wedding Party will let them know that you cherish the relationship and trust them to take on the Best Man and Maid of Honor Duties. Also keep in mind that the person you choose for your wedding party Best Man or Maid of Honor will be the one to throw your bachelor and Bachelorette party so choose wisely!

2. Groomsmen & Bridesmaids

Do you have that special friend that has been with you through thick & thin?  A friend that you have had since your high School days or have known for 15+ years.  This would be the perfect person to ask to be in your wedding party as a Groomsman or Bridesmaid.  Not only do you know the ups and downs in their life they know yours which will be so helpful to help plan, be on hand to calm, comfort & console. 

When choosing your groomsmen & Bridesmaid for your wedding party look for someone who is responsible, outgoing and organized so that they can shop for jewelry, dresses, tux's and help with stamping & sealing invitations.  They will also be in charge of keeping your guest entertained so a great hype man or girl would be perfect for your wedding party.


3. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Choosing the stars of your Wedding Party might just be the most adorable part of planning your big day.  The Ring Bearer & Flower Girl could be from ages 1 - 12.  They could be a Nephew or Niece on either side of the family or a close family friends son or daughter.  When choosing them for your wedding party you might want to choose someone who is not shy but loves to be the center of attention.  The Ring bearer could assist in the groom and groomsmen during the fitting by bringing refreshments.  He can also help with serving snacks and drinks to the guys on the big day.  The flower girl duties can also be to help greet your guests at your engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Also be sure to find out if they love to dance you can add their favorite dance song to your playlist to help get the party started on the dance floor. 


4. Junior Bridesmaids

A Junior Bridesmaid is a young woman that is between the age of 13- 17.  She could be a young woman that looks up to the bride or groom or a daughter of either.  This role is a great way to be a role model of what marriage is and what kind of Man she should groom herself for.  If you decide to have a Junior Bridesmaid in your wedding party she would make a great hostess and a leader for your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. 

5. Keeping the Wedding Party Vibe Good

Things to also think about when choosing your wedding party would be personalities that compliment you and your fiance.  Do you have an overbearing friend that always wants to win the conversation?  Do you have a friend that always has drama, makes up excuses or doesn't vibe with your other friends? A great way to weed out these potential wedding party position holders is to plan a get together at a local bar, restaurant or house and have everyone interact with each other.  This will help you get rid of those who don't fit the vibe you are going for and choose the right fit for your wedding party.


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